Movie Review – The BFG


The young, orphaned Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is an insomniac. Usually up late reading, Sophie’s normally quiet night was disturbed by a presence. Unbeknownst to Sophie, that presence was that of a Giant. Plucked from her bed by the Giant, Sophie is held captive in the Giant’s lair somewhere in Giant Country. Giants have a long standing reputation of being large and dumb, but also cannibals; however, Sophie’s captor Runt, as he’s called teasingly by his bigger, meaner, man eating brothers is fairly friendly. A vegetarian, Runt protects Sophie from the others, since his diet doesn’t consist of cooked humans. Runt even brings Sophie along when he is capturing dreams for his collection. The two become fast friends, but the longer Sophie stays with Runt, a Big Friendly Giant, Sophie’s life is in grave danger. Continue reading “Movie Review – The BFG”

Movie Review – Bridge of Spies


1957. On the streets of New York, everything is business as usual, the Braves (of Milwaukee) won a nail-biter of a World Series in 7 games versus the Yankees. For mild-mannered insurance attorney James Donovan (Tom Hanks), all was well until he’s called into the boss’ office. The US Government wants Donovan to take a case pro bono. The defendant, Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) was charged with three counts of espionage. Rudolf Abel is a Russian spy transferring coded messages in what is known as the Hollow Nickel Case.  During the height of the Cold War, being associated with communists was as bad as  actually being a Russian spy. Threatened with nuclear annihilation, on a seemingly daily basis; the American public is less than sympathetic to Public Enemy #1.  Concerned for the safety of his family, Donovan grudgingly accepts the case. Largely because of his duty to uphold the Constitution and provide due process for the most hated man in the country. While Donovan tries to provide a honest defence, in the face of the Kangaroo Court, Abel is convicted and sentenced. Donovan’s defence now turns to keeping his client out of the gas chamber. 

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Movie Review – The Gunman


Jim Terrier (Sean Penn) is on the search for answers, after an assassination attempt in the Congo. While working for UNICEF and drilling wells in a village, Jim’s bloody past as a mercenary has come back to haunt him.

Eight years ago, Jim was working with a private security company while a Congolese airport was under construction.  Jim and his team; led by Cox (Mark Rylance) and Felix (Javier Bardem) were also employed by a multinational mining company looking to protect its assets. The company hires Jim’s team for a political assassination, with the caveat that the shooter leaves the continent without a trace. Jim is that shooter and he is required to leave the continent and his girlfriend Annie (Jasmine Trinca), a Doctor’s Without Borders volunteer. 

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