Bendis and Gaydos Reopen ALIAS INVESTIGATIONS With “JESSICA JONES” #1‏


Jessica Jones fans, rejoice! Everyone’s favorite street-level superhero is returning with a brand new solo series!  Check out what the private investigator will be up to in the press release (provided today by Marvel) below…. Continue reading “Bendis and Gaydos Reopen ALIAS INVESTIGATIONS With “JESSICA JONES” #1‏”

The Warriors Three A No-Show For THOR: RAGNOROK?

THOR_Warriors Three ED
The Warriors Three as seen in Marvel Comics

As Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe commences this May (see CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR), there will undoubtedly be changes and/or shake-ups happening with its heroes (and their respective franchises).  However, with so much in store for our headlining heroes, it’s easy to forget that there are many supporting characters that will be forever changed.  One such example can be found with the third THOR installment, subtitled RAGNAROK. Continue reading “The Warriors Three A No-Show For THOR: RAGNOROK?”

A Week In Review (If You Missed It)-2.1.15

As you recover from the “Big Game,” let’s shift our eyes (for the moment) to the big & small screen, because A LOT went down this week worth mentioning.  Below you will find highlights (from the past week) pertaining to some of your favorite upcoming/existing films and television series (of course keeping in mind that these don’t include all of our already posted stories): Continue reading “A Week In Review (If You Missed It)-2.1.15”

AGE OF ULTRON Debuts Brand New Trailer!!

Age of Ultron

Though 2015 will be jam packed with films (more specifically franchises) that I love, AGE OF ULTRON (sequel to the 2012’s AVENGERS) is undoubtedly the film that I’m most excited about….Bringing back all the franchise characters of the solo Marvel Studio films (i.e. see last year’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER or 2013’s THOR: THE DARK WORLD as examples), the sequel will see the team take on the villainous android Ultron (voiced by James Spader).  The teaser trailer released this past fall gave a glimpse into what returning director Joss Whedon had in store for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but the new trailer appears to promise something a lot more grand (and perhaps ominous?)! Don’t believe me? Check it out below…. Continue reading “AGE OF ULTRON Debuts Brand New Trailer!!”