Movie Review – The Free State of Jones


There are two very interesting stories being told within The Free State of Jones. The bulk of the film tells the story of Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey), a field medic for the Confederate Army during the height of the Civil War. As the war raged on, Knight deserted his company and defended his and his neighbours’ property from pillaging Confederate cavalry. The penalty for desertion (and most crimes under the CSA) is death; so Newt ran. With the help of friends, Newt joined a band of runaway slaves, hiding from trackers in the swamps. The group grew larger as more deserters and runaways sought refuge from the all consuming war. 5 became 10 and 10 became 100 and soon the ‘colony’ sought more permanent dwellings. Eventually, after overtaking the small town of Ellisville, ‘The Knight Company’ sought to secede Jones County from Mississippi and become The Free State Of Jones.

However, as I’ve stated; there are two storied being told in this film. In late 1948 Newt’s Great Grandson Davis also fought for his freedom. Given the common knowledge of Newt Knight’s second marriage to a former slave, Davis was dragged into court to prove his ethnicity. It’s a rare occurrence where a child’s paternity wasn’t a of the father’s, but of the mother’s identity. If proven to be technically black, Davis could face serious jail time for marrying his wife, Junie Lee Spradley, a local white woman. Continue reading “Movie Review – The Free State of Jones”


The tagline for the Killer Joe posters reads “A TOTALLY TWISTED DEEP-FRIED TEXAS REDNECK TRAILER PARK MURDER STORY” over a picture of what looks to be a piece of fried chicken in the shape of the state of Texas, with some blood spatter off to the side.  The marketing folks at LD Entertainment aren’t joking around; this movie, adapted by writer Tracy Letts from his own stageplay, is everything they advertise.  An interesting, quick view into the shadier side of trailer park trash, Killer Joe doesn’t waste any time getting down and dirty.
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Ladies, time to grab up all of your singles for a ticket to the sexiest movie this summer. Women everywhere have been waiting for this movie to finally release and now the wait is over. Magic Mike directed by Steven Soderbergh, tells a story of the ups and downs of a veteran stripper, Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) drenched with lots of sweaty dance moves and easy to please stripper clientele.  The movie previews definitely provided lots of hype that tends to lead to much let down however; the previews were just a taste of everything this film had in store.

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Bernie is a quirky, oddly charming film. Yes, it’s a story about a murder – a true one at that – but it reminds me of a Christopher Guest film if spun from a Coen Brother’s script, like the Best in Show of justifiable homicides. It stars Jack Black in an unexpected career turn as a closeted funeral director who ends up committing murder and is subsequently chased down by a comically straight-laced Texas District Attorney played by Matthew McConaughey. The film also includes more spirited singing from Black than one of his Tenacious D concerts. Who could possibly resist that amalgam?  Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Bernie”

MOVIE REVIEW – The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer

What kind of an attorney would you hire if you were in a sticky situation and unable to get out of it? Would you want an attorney who only wanted to defend innocent defendants? Would you want an attorney who was creative and someone who would bend the rules to get you off? It’s a situation that no one really wants to find themselves in, but millions of people do each day. Thankfully the vast majority don’t find themselves in murder cases, but in the case of this story it involves a man accused of attempted murder and he is determined to get off without serving any time whatsoever.

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