Movie Review – TMNT: Out of the Shadows


Screen-Shot-2016-02-08-at-8.20.56-AMRecently broken out of police custody by his Foot Clan, Oroku Saki aka The Shredder (Brian Tee) starts gathering the necessary pieces to build a inter-dimensional portal; a gateway to the mysterious (and unnamed) Dimension X. If completed, the portal would allow General Kraang (Brad Garrett) to pass through; allowing him to assemble his Technodrome, a war machine that would surely end humanity. Helping with the portal project is rogue scientist Baxter Stockman (Tyler Perry). His expertise in inter-dimensional transit suggests that our four reptilian heroes have little time to spare before the apocalypse.  Continue reading “Movie Review – TMNT: Out of the Shadows”


Sometimes Judd Apatow reminds me of that kid that accidentally does something funny and gets some laughs, so he keeps trying to reproduce the moment over and over. I’m not saying This Is 40 isn’t funny; in fact upon a second viewing, I let loose a few guffaws during some scenes that I’d almost forgotten about. But it’s hard to say that this fourth feature film from the writer/director is anything new. Because so many of its great moments are swallowed up by the monotony of the whole thing, it ends up being kind of forgettable. Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: This Is 40”

MOVIE REVIEW: This is 40

Before watching This is 40, I heard a lot of talk about how not funny it was, or that it was just too long, or that it wasn’t as good as director Judd Apatow’s previous films. After watching This is 40, I realized that everyone who was saying that were all of my younger friends. Friends who hadn’t lived through experiences like the ones found in the film. Friends who didn’t have kids. Friends whose parents didn’t remarry and have children thirty years younger than they were. Friends who didn’t own houses or mortgages. For me, This is 40 was hilariously funny, with something to smile about in every scene – or, conversely, cringe about because it hit so close to home.
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MOVIE REVIEW – The Dictator

Politically incorrect.  Those are just two words to describe nearly every film Sacha Baron Cohen has ever written and those who are easily offended should stay away completely.  Cohen is best known for his mockumentary style films where he takes on a character he’s created and puts them into the real world.  Here however, he ventures into the scripted domain.  Is it a success?  Can the same humor translate into the scripted world?


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