The-IcemanYou might recognize Michael Shannon as the psychotic super-villain General Zod in the trailer for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot “Man of Steel”, but if you haven’t seen films like William Friedkin’s “Bug”, Jeff Nichols’ “Take Shelter” and Ariel Vromen’s “The Iceman”, you probably have no idea what you’re in for. Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: The Iceman”

Movie Review – Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus has Fallen in one frame
The entire story of Olympus has Fallen in one frame.

With a title like Olympus Has Fallen, the premise should be as clear as the scope on a sniper’s rifle. I’ll do my best to cover the basics of the movie but, I promise you that Olympus Has Fallen isn’t one of those ‘thinking’ movies. Continue reading “Movie Review – Olympus Has Fallen”

MOVIE REVIEW: Olympus Has Fallen

100030_galIn my opinion, criticizing a movie just for being clichéd has become something of a copout, even though it’s increasingly difficult to resist doing so, kind of like condemning the plot of an action flick for being implausible. Still, I swore I’d stop, or at least cut back, on using the ‘c’ word. Usually there’s a subtext of some sort that deserves a little more examination when writing a review, otherwise we’re just being lazy, right? And we’re pretentious if we harp too much on realism, aren’t we? Not in this case. Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Olympus Has Fallen”


Films about corrupt policemen are almost always going to be compared to a striking 1992 film by Abel Ferrara called Bad Lieutenant, which stars Harvey Keitel in one of the landmark performances of his storied career.  In it, he portrays a cop who’s gone beyond “off the deep end”; he’s a crack-smoking, drug-dealing gambler whose family life harshly contradicts that of the one he lives behind his badge.  In Rampart, Woody Harrelson steps into a Keitel-like role with sly, snakelike aplomb as he carries the entire movie on his shoulders.  People will call it his greatest role since Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers; they’d be right, as Harrelson is great in this film.  The rest of it… well, there’s the rub.
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