Movie Review- The Birth of a Nation


In the Summer of 1831 Nat Turner and several dozen of his cohorts launched the largest slave uprising in the nation. Sickened by the treatment of fellow slaves while traveling as a preacher in Southern Virginia, Turner secretly recruited the willing, for the upcoming rebellion. On the morning of August 21, 1831, the group led by Turner, killed in upwards of 60 white men, women and children in the two day long revolt. Though the uprising was brief, the impact had long lasting effects. My biggest concern for Nate Parker, the writer, director and star of the film Birth Of A Nation, was if he’d play it safe. The contentious subject matter in this racially charged climate is already a conversation starter.  Continue reading “Movie Review- The Birth of a Nation”

Movie Review – Beyond The Lights

In today’s tabloid driven, celebrity obsessed culture, it’s easy to forget that celebrities are people too. Hideously wealthy, revered, beautiful people; but still just people. In ‘Beyond The Lights’, we’re introduced to Noni (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). She’s come a long way from Brixton in South London, UK. Driven by her mother/manager Macy (Minnie Driver) Noni is on the precipice of greatness. On paper, she has it all; a high-profile rapper/boyfriend, Kid Culprit (actual rapper MGK), a hit single that lead to a Billboard Award nomination, and more money that some small countries. 

However, the image of Noni, created by her record label and mom is nothing more than a sexy, demi-glace piece of bacon, that may or may not own an inkling of talent. Haunted by her conscious and  haters on twitter, we find Noni pondering the meaning of life and all that there is; from the ledge of her 12th floor balcony hotel room. 

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A World War II Flying Ace action movie. You know been there, done that before.  You’ve seen it a young group of guys all from different places together in Europe fighting the good fight. Fighting Nazis. So why in the world is Red Tails so much of a big deal. Lucas on shows, articles in the New York Times all about how long and hard he’s been trying to make this movie. Well let’s just talk about the 80 pound Gorilla, it’s because it’s a film all about Black Soldiers. A big budget Hollywood spectacle all about and starring Black people. Now ain’t that something.

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Stories that deal with real life American heroes should be told.  The men known as the Tuskegee Airmen are heroes.  These are brave men who fought many battles.  These battles were fought overseas against the Germans, but also here as they fought the racist treatment they faced at home.  They fought with honor, courage, and for what they knew to be right.  They deserve a film that treats their story with the respect that it deserves, but unfortunately this is not that film.

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