Movie Review – The Huntsman: Winter’s War


Before the events of Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), we learn of Ravenna (Charlize Theron), the misunderstood evil sorceress who will become queen and her sister Freya (Emily Blunt). Freya had an affair with the Duke of Blackwood and is now with child. Unfortunately, the Duke committed filicide, sending Freya into a rage, unleashing her cryokinesis. The two sisters separated as Freya turned toward the Northern Lands and began her icy rule. Determined to rid the world of love; convinced that it is a weakness, kidnaps children to raise them as soldiers called The Huntsmen. Two particularly talented warriors are Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and Sara (Jessica Chastain). The secret couple, secretly wed and live relatively harmoniously, that is, until their discovered by Freya. There are only two laws in Freya’s Queendom: Love is forbidden, and Freya demands absolute loyalty. The penalty for breaking either law is death (of course). Both Eric and Sara resist, but Sara is apparently killed in the fight forcing Eric to flee, starting his story in Snow White and the Huntsman. As that story ended happily ever after, the peace didn’t last long. The infamous Magic Mirror has been stolen and in the wrong hands, its power could be used to rule the world. The only one trustworthy enough to retrieve the Mirror and place in a safe place, hiding it from all is (conveniently) our Huntsman and some friends made along the way.

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Movie Review – Unfinished Business


Dan Trunkman (Vince Vaughn) had one of two choices, when he finally stepped up to his ball-buster of a boss, Chuck (Sienna Miller). He could take a pay cut can keep his job, or leave and start his own company. Putting his money where his mouth is, Dan starts up Apex Select as competition to his old company. Along with Dan are Tim McWinters (Tom Wilkinson), who was forced into retirement and Mike Pancake (Dave Franco), who is about as sharp as a wooden spoon. After a year of struggle, the trio lands a meeting with Jim Spinch (James Marsden) in Maine. Spinch’s company could absorb Apex and send Dan, Tim and Mike on the road to legitimacy. When Chuck snatches the bid from Dan; the team heads to Germany, with hopes of scoring a meeting with Spinch’s elusive boss.  Continue reading “Movie Review – Unfinished Business”

Movie Review: The World’s End

The-Worlds-End-image-2       The Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy has some to an end with Edgar Wright’s last romp through the apocalypse with The World’s End. The apocalypse hasn’t been funnier. Co-written by Wight and Simon Pegg, The World’s End is as funny as it is action packed. So much so, it may require a second viewing to insure that none of the one-liners that come as fast and with the same ferocity as the film’s antagonists. It may not be a joke heavy as Shaun of the Dead or as action oriented as Hot Fuzz; The World’s End delivers the perfect balance of the two parts, just like a Cornetto Cone. Continue reading “Movie Review: The World’s End”

MOVIE REVIEW – Snow White and the Huntsman

Once upon a time in a theater far away plays a fairytale movie that’s so divinely dark, you shouldn’t stay away. Snow White and the Huntsman, directed by Rupert Sanders, hits theaters with their grim, action fantasy rendition of the Disney classic Snow White. How will this movie portray the beloved tale of the fairest princess, Snow White overcoming the wrath of the wicked queen? Will good prevail with a fantastic and award-winning performance or will evil “reign” on this movies parade?

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MOVIE REVIEW – Snow White and the Huntsman

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?  Between Mirror, Mirror, the other “Snow White” film to hit the theaters this year and Snow White and the Huntsman, this is the fairer one overall.

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MOVIE REVIEW-The Adventures of Tin Tin


Tin Tin is one of the most beloved comics and characters in the world. The adventures of this boy reporter traversing the globe in search of treasure and mystery has entertained generations. One of those many is Steven Spielberg in which such influence you can see in his past work with the character of Indian Jones. Spielberg has taken all he’s done to craft a very exciting and lush action adventure film for young and old alike.

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MOVIE REVIEW – Attack The Block

The world needs more people like Joe Cornish – someone who’s not afraid to make something that has all the elements of familiar movies and make it totally fresh and amusing.  His first big-screen directorial effort Attack the Block fuses the worlds of Aliens, The Most Dangerous Game, Half Baked, The Sandlot, and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and has a great time heaving a writhing, sparking, energetic 88 minutes into your eyeballs.

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SDCC: Screen Gems Panel


At this year’s Comic Con, Screen Gems had some interesting treats for those who made it out to Hall H, and they included a new entry for their vampire-werewolf franchise, Underworld, as well as a new small independent sci-fi/alien invasion film known only as Attack the Block.  Read on to find out what went down….. Continue reading “SDCC: Screen Gems Panel”

SDCC: Tin Tin



Check out the highlights of what Paramount had prepared for Hall H attendees at the panel for their upcoming motion capture feature, The Adventures of Tin-Tin.

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Attack the Block gets a Distributor

Attack the Block

The rights to the film Attack the Block has been picked up by Sony Pictures.  The film is written and directed by Joe Cornish.

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Sci-fi geeks and comic book fans all over the world would love to meet an alien in person. Imagine what first contact would be like. Would you even know what to say? Would they look like what we envision an alien to even look like? Most of us believe that the universe is too large to only have one planet that has life out there. Some of us believe the earth has been visited by alien life in the past and are currently visiting us. And some of us fear what might happen if alien life ever did find its way to our planet.

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