Movie Review – Zootopia

There’s a world where animals have evolved to a higher level of think, far past their basic instincts. However, animals all over uses their natural abilities to their advantage. Rabbits farm and the King of the Jungle is Mayor. It’s perfectly sufficient to use your natural talents to cement your place in life, but what if you could achieve more? What if you could change your predestined station in life and follow your dreams? Since she was a kit, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) of Bunnyborrow has always stood up for the little guy, even though she’s pretty tiny herself. While her overprotective parents Bonnie (Bonnie Hunt) and Stu (Don Lake) would rather see Judy join her 237 siblings and maintain the family farm; Judy wants to protect and serve in the Zootopia Police Department.  Continue reading “Movie Review – Zootopia”

Movie Review – Black or White


A well-to-do lawyer, Elliot Anderson (Kevin Costner) has raised his granddaughter Eloise (Jillian Estell) since birth, along with his wife. Eloise’s mother died during childbirth and her father hasn’t been around. With the death of Elliot’s wife in a drunk driving accident; Rowena (Octavia Spencer), Eloise’s paternal grandmother is challenging Elliott in court for full custody of Eloise. Rowena’s claim is that Eloise would be better off with her paternal family, where she could reconcile with her estranged father. Elliot opposes and would also like full custody, due to the fact that he has helped raise her from birth. As compelling as family court is, the elephant in the room, yet to be addressed is the subject of race. Eloise is mixed, half African-American and Caucasian. Having Eloise live in an affluent neighbourhood, with the best schools and low crime rates, would be better for her than she move in with her paternal family in South Central L.A.; a high crime, low-income area. 

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OSCARS 2012 Winners!

The 2012 Oscars just happened.  Would you like to know who the winners are?  Well, we’ve got them for you!!!

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The Help Comes Home For The Holidays

The Help

DreamWorks Studios has announced the DVD and Blu-ray release for their hit film The Help on December 6, 2011.  Want to know all of the details?

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