Otakon 2015 Part 3: The Photoshoots


Cos 23

Costume role-playing or Cosplay is the unannounced sideshow at any fan convention. Whether it’s store-bought or handmade, it’s important to show up as your favourite character. With comic books at a high in the mainstream consciousness, cosplaying maybe more popular now than ever before. Unfortunately, Otakon doesn’t feature a costume contest, but there were many photo shoots scattered around the convention space. The following are some of the best of cosplay from Otakon 2015.  Continue reading “Otakon 2015 Part 3: The Photoshoots”

Otakon 2015 Recap: Part 2 Oreskaband!

Oreskaband 1

I wasn’t sure what to make of an all girl Japanese ska band. There were so many questions before to show started. Would they speak English? Do they do covers? How well would the sound? As the crowd filed into Hall D my questions would soon be answered. What follows are some of the photos from the energetic Oreskaband concert. Continue reading “Otakon 2015 Recap: Part 2 Oreskaband!”