Movie Review – Sacrifice


It’s been a long time since Duncan (Rupert Graves) had been to his hometown in the remote Shetland Islands. His job brought him back to the sleepy subarctic archipelago North of Scotland; and seems like the perfect setting for Duncan and his wife Tora (Radha Mitchell) to start a family. While doing a little yard work (with a backhoe), Tora makes a grisly discovery. A woman was buried under her property. Making matters worse is the body’s missing heart, which had been removed and her back, which is covered in weird markings. Coincidentally, the markings are old runes , also seen in Tora’s basement as well. After being told to not “dig” any further into the story, Tora is unsatisfied with the official investigation and conducts her own. Unsurprisingly, Tora unearths more than rumours, thought to be old wives’ tales.  Continue reading “Movie Review – Sacrifice”

Movie Review – London Has Fallen


In London the Prime Minister has mysteriously passed away, making his funeral a can’t miss event for Western leaders. U.S. President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) along with Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs (Angela Bassett) and super-agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) lead the protection detail on the sudden trip to London. Such a high-profile gathering of most of the Western World’s leaders, would make London the safest place to be in the world. However, as Lynne so eloquently proclaims “It’s a TRAP” and terrorists unleash a wave of bombs throughout the city, unsurprisingly at London’s landmarks. President Asher and Banning survive the attack (R.I.P. Lynne) and are on the run in London. U.S. forces are hours away and terrorists are on the loose, hunting for the President. For Mike Banning, his mission is pretty simple: keep the President alive. 

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