Review – Barbershop: The Next Cut



It’s been over a decade since we’ve taken a trip to Calvin’s barber shop, on the Southside of Chicago. The shop has evolved as the neighbourhood has evolved; but the bitter pill of change can be hard to swallow. Recently, Chicago has made international headlines, as high-profile murders plague the city. Gang warfare threatens the residents of the impoverished Southside, catching innocent victims in the crossfire. Fed up with the lack of progress by local police The Mayor’s Office proposes a plan to wall off the neighbourhood, with Calvin’s shop in the center. Fearful of the Mayor’s proposal, escalating violence and the impact on his impressionable, teenage son; Calvin secretly weighs his options: Move the shop to the preppy Northside, or stay the course and inspire a positive change in the neighbourhood (somehow). Continue reading “Review – Barbershop: The Next Cut”

Movie Review – Think Like A Man Too

2012’s Think Like A Man featured four friends in four different types of relationships. The women of the group acquire the Holy Grail of relationship books. It’s a book that promises to spill most of the trade secrets of men and offer an exclusive peek into the male psyche. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey, is the Women’s playbook in this unending game of Battle of the Sexes. Oh, and there’s Kevin Hart. Instead of exploring why a ‘Mama’s Boy’ is just that, Think Like A Man logically played the stereotypes of men and women until its predictable end.

Dueling parties begs the question: What could possibly go wrong?
Dueling parties begs the question: What could go wrong?

The talented ensemble cast (and Kevin Hart) is back and heading to Las Vegas for the wedding of  Candace (Regina Hall), The Single Mom and Michael (Terrence Jenkins), The Mama’s Boy. The stories have been updated, as Steve Harvey’s book assisted in saving their relationships. That progression The wedding will be in Las Vegas; but more important than that are the bachelor parties. The Bridesmaids and groomsmen are out for dueling parties, in a town that specializes in the business of regret and bad decisions. “Happily separated” Cedric (Kevin Hart) has assumed the role of party planner for the men, while the women get an unwelcome surprise that could derail their entire evening.

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