2011 Taste of DC Coverage

The Taste of DC took place this past weekend and you’re probably wondering if the Taste, tasted any good.  And the resounding answer that that question is yummy.  The Taste of DC tasted very well indeed.

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Real or Processed? You’d be surprised…

Processed Chicken

I like to eat out at a nice restaurant.  I don’t mind if it’s a chain restaurant or a standalone place.  One of my favorite things to order when eating out is a combo fajita platter with chicken and steak.  It’s one of the few things you can order where it’s really hard to get wrong.  It’s just chicken, steak, onions, maybe some peppers, and flour tortillas.  Simple.  But what really makes me annoyed is when the chicken part of that comes to me and it’s the processed chicken rather than breast meat.

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