So Where is Vince from “Sons of Guns” Now?

So all of you Sons of Guns fans out there that saw Vincent leave without notice and see Will and the show’s producers freak out over it are probably wondering what happened to him.  Well, rest assured, Vince is happy and one of the founders of a new company called Mesa Kinetic Research.

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Sons of Guns Returns This December!

Sons of Guns

Sons of Guns returns this December on the Discovery Channel.  The hit series centers around the Red Jacket Firearms crew run by Will Hayden and his daughter Stephanie.  Last season ended with a shocker in that Kris, one of Red Jacket Firearm’s employees asked Will if he could date Stephanie.  Will responded that he had to choose between Stephanie and Red Jacket Firearms.  Which will he choose?  And what will the consequences be?

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Sons of Guns to Return on July 13

Sons of Guns

Probably one of the coolest shows I’ve seen on the Discovery Channel is Sons of Guns.  As a guy, who doesn’t love firearms and blowing stuff up.  And the Discovery Channel has announced the return of the show this summer.

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