Movie Review – Escape From Planet Earth



On planet Baab Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser) has triumphantly returned from another successful BASA mission. Adored by women and admired by men, Scorch has the charisma and arrogance of a champion. He also has the critical thinking skills of a turnip. The brains of the operation is lead by his brother Gary Supernova (Rob Corddry). Gary is the cautious, but not in a OCD way, head of Mission Control for BASA. With help from Mr. James Bing (Ricky Gervais) the onboard computer; Gary is Scorch’s eyes and ears in the field.  A distress signal originating from the Dark Planet; a dangerous and mysterious place from which no known species has returned, is the perfect opportunity for Scorch to validate his awesomeness. Again. Gary, being  cautions, objects to the mission causing a rift between the brothers. Scorch expectantly rushes bravely (or foolishly) to the Dark Planet, leaving his fans and Gary behind. After landing on the Dark Planet Scorch is captured by the local authorities. With BASA Chief Lena Thackelman (Jessica Alba) unwilling to send a rescue team; Gary is left with a choice. Save his pig headed brother or leave him to his fate.  Continue reading “Movie Review – Escape From Planet Earth”

MOVIE REVIEW: Silver Linings Playbook

Sometimes it’s difficult to explain why a film speaks to you. Silver Linings Playbook is easily in my top five favorites of the year, with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and writer/director David O. Russell all worthy of Oscar nods. This beautifully crafted adaptation of Matthew Quick’s 2008 novel has a rare depth that gives the film its charisma; it’s a sweet, often hilarious piece of work. But there’s also an air about it that is difficult to describe (or maybe it’s just the feeling I had when the credits rolled) that’s compelling me to recommend it so highly. Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Silver Linings Playbook”


In Paul Thomas Anderson’s sixth feature film, The Master provides us with some of the best performances of the year in a captivating film in which some have hinted that it’s about the origins of the church of Scientology.  But the film is about a man who is unfocused looking for focus, and someone looking for those seeking focus.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Coriolanus

‘A place calling itself Rome’ looks a lot more like war-torn Serbia in Coriolanus, Ralph Fiennes’ version of the politically charged Shakespeare tragedy. Not as much an update of the play as an application of the script to a more relatable era (with a treatment by Gladiator and Hugo screenwriter John Logan), the film replaces the archaic battle implements of ancient Rome with the automatic weapons and Kevlar of modern warfare. Initially bearing a visual resemblance to something like Green Zone, with which it shares cinematographer Barry Ackroyd (The Hurt Locker), Coriolanus is a film altogether different in its mixture of elements. But the politics and language, for all intents and purposes, remain the same. Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Coriolanus”


“You know what they say,” says Wally Winthrop (Abbie Cornish) at some point during the rambling drama W.E.. “Expectations lead to disappointment.”

Luckily my level of anticipation was in neutral going into the film; only a few lines of dialogue are delivered with that level of simplicity and wisdom.

And that’s not enough to carry Madonna’s second outing as a director (her first was 2008’s Filth & Wisdom), a whirlwind of ideas that land arbitrarily in a two-hour framework from a script with co-writer Alek Keshishian. This cross-pollination of romance, history, pop culture and apparent award season Hail Mary is more schizophrenic than inspired.

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MOVIE REVIEW – The Iron Lady

This is not a biopic.  Those were the words that came straight from the mouth of Meryl Streep moments before I watched this film.  There’s an awful lot of leeway that the filmmakers take in this film to show the life of Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  This is a look at the events that Margaret Thatcher faced on her way to become the Prime Minister.  So I’ll ask you to read that opening sentence one more time before continuing on.  This is not a biopic.

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MOVIE REVIEW – Our Idiot Brother

Our Idiot Brother

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like it everyone was honest and said exactly what’s on their mind?  Do you think you could respect someone for telling you as it is?  My guess is that while in concept it sounds good, in reality you’d probably get very annoyed and frustrated with someone if they spoke to you with no reservations about saying exactly what is on their mind.  Our Idiot Brother is a movie that explores how one individual who does just that can affect the lives of everyone around him.

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MOVIE REVIEW – Sarah’s Key (Elle s’appelait Sarah)

Sarah's Key

What happens to a story that is never told?  It’s like the story never happened.  A story needs to be told for it to live on and continue.  Whether that story is fiction or fact, every story is important.  And stories that definitely should be told are the ones in which they have an impact on our life and others’ lives.  For words, spoken are written are powerful things.  They have the power to move.  They have the power to change.  But most of all, they have all the power in the world.

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Box Office Actuals for April 29 – May 1

Box Office

The box office actuals are in for the weekend of April 29 thru May 1.

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MOVIE REVIEW – The Company Men

The Company Men

Some movies are depressing to watch. Some are inspirational. This is a movie about people losing their jobs. So guess which one this movie is. It’s sad to watch someone lose their job because of downsizing. People aren’t let go because of performance, but rather because of the bottom dollar. Companies do owe their shareholders a successful company, but at what price? And a better question is does downsizing really help a company when you get rid of some of your best and loyal employees?

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MOVIE REVIEW – Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine

Love is a funny thing. We sometimes fall in love with people who are just like us, and other times opposites really do attract. The first part of love is always that cloud nine stage. Everything is magical. We find ourselves thinking about how much we want to be with that person, and how hard it is to be apart. But what happens when love starts to fade away? We’ve all felt that. You’re still thinking about them, but it’s more about how much every little thing that gets on your nerves frustrates you. How much you wish you could get away from them when you’re together. But how far can you really fall out of love?

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