Movie Review – The Choice


Life is but an unending series of choices. Some are more important than others and some are absolute no-brainers. For Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker) he’ll have to make the most important choice of his life. It will impact his life and those around him forever. There’s neither a right nor wrong answer to his dilemma, only the best case scenario; but more on that later. The story starts off with Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) and her acclimation to her new home in the sleepy coastal town of Beaufort, North Carolina. Gabby, a nurse is Travis’ new neighbor and they don’t exactly hit it off. But eventually opposites attract and the two develop a relationship. However, Teresa has a problem, her boyfriend, Dr. Ryan McCarthy (Tom Welling) who’s a doctor at Teresa’s job. Teresa has a choice to make. Should she ignore her growing feelings for Travis and stay with Ryan, or should she leave her perfectly fine relationship with Ryan for Travis? Back to Travis for a second; his decision is a major plot development and discussing it now would ruin the movie.

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Movie Review – Unfinished Business


Dan Trunkman (Vince Vaughn) had one of two choices, when he finally stepped up to his ball-buster of a boss, Chuck (Sienna Miller). He could take a pay cut can keep his job, or leave and start his own company. Putting his money where his mouth is, Dan starts up Apex Select as competition to his old company. Along with Dan are Tim McWinters (Tom Wilkinson), who was forced into retirement and Mike Pancake (Dave Franco), who is about as sharp as a wooden spoon. After a year of struggle, the trio lands a meeting with Jim Spinch (James Marsden) in Maine. Spinch’s company could absorb Apex and send Dan, Tim and Mike on the road to legitimacy. When Chuck snatches the bid from Dan; the team heads to Germany, with hopes of scoring a meeting with Spinch’s elusive boss.  Continue reading “Movie Review – Unfinished Business”

Movie Review – Selma




Ava DuVernay’s Selma, is a poignant, relevant, dramatization of the struggles Dr. Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights Movement. This would be an award worthy film in several categories in any other year. Due to the refocus of race relations in this country, within recent years; Selma (the film) is a timely reminder of Dr. King’s dream, how far we’ve come and how far we have to go until the dream is realized. A dramatization of events, that doesn’t come off as overbearing and pandering; Selma is the closest thing to a King biopic to hit the big screen. But it isn’t a biopic. DuVernay and screenwriter Paul Webb’s narrative touches on key moments in Alabama’s struggle for freedom. From terrorist attacks to impossible voter registration laws, to citizens being murdered in the streets; Selma would become the next front for the fight for civil rights.

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MOVIE REVIEW – The Best Exotic Hotel Marigold

Outsourcing is something that we’ve come to expect in many aspects of our lives.  Pick up the phone at night with a telemarketer on the line and ask yourself where that person is calling from.  Is it from the United States?  Probably not.  So the idea of taking something like retirement and outsourcing it to a cheaper country like India is something that’s completely plausible and probably already being done.  And why not do it.

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New Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Clips

Paramount Pictures has released some new clips from the fourth installment of in their Mission: Impossible franchise. Check them out below, if you choose to accept it..

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The Debt

Is believing in a lie sometimes better than knowing the truth?  It’s an interesting question.  If a horrible thing was committed against you, your family, or your friends and you truly believed that individual was brought to justice is that better than knowing they got away without paying for their crime?  Sometimes lies benefit those around you, but one thing is definitely certain, a lie will eat the insides of the individual(s) who spread that lie.  You can convince yourself that it’s no big deal, but the guilt does build and never truly goes away.

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EXCLUSIVE Coverage of the Red Carpet Premiere for The Conspirator!

Red Carpet - The Conspirator

It’s finally up! We’ve got EXCLUSIVE interviews with the stars of The Conspirator live on the Red Carpet Premiere at Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC.

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MOVIE REVIEW – The Conspirator

The Conspirator

When you think of great President’s our nation has had, Abraham Lincoln has to come to most people’s minds.  He was a great man.  He took a divided nation and fought to bring it together.  If not for him, the United States would look very different today, and racial divides would be still around.  So when he was assassinated at Ford’s Theater by John Wilkes Booth, the Nation had to mourn.  And since we are a land of justice, justice had to be brought to those who would take the life of one of our greatest President’s.

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The Conspirator Red Carpet Event

The Conspirator

If you’re in Washington D.C. this weekend and want to be a curious bystander by the Ford Theater on Sunday, then you’ll be seeing a D.C. red carpet event.  And Reel Film News will be on the carpet getting as many interviews as we can!

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