Not too long following my time at Awesome Con, I was given the opportunity to attend a Press Junket for CBS‘ summer shows.  Among the shows on tap for the junket were American Gothic, Braindead, Zoo, along with many others.  Seeing that the first two shows mentioned had yet to see their respective series premieres on television, many of the folks on hand (i.e. actors, creators, etc.) at the junket were relatively hush-hush on details.  However, what they DID reveal about each show and its characters, was still intriguing nevertheless.  You can check out the respective junkets for American Gothic  and Braindead below. Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: CBS Summer Press Junket – AMERICAN GOTHIC & BRAINDEAD”


Cars 2

You never really know what to expect when it comes to a sequel.  Most times in Hollywood a sequel is warranted when the film does very well and above expectations in the box office.  Some sequels continue the story, and others seem to forget what made it unique in the first place.  But when Disney’s Pixar announces a sequel I usually have a lot of faith.  John Lasseter, whom I am a big fan of, has always stated that a sequel is only warranted when there’s a story to be told.  He believes the core of a film is its story.  But even Pixar can sometimes be mistaken.

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New Cars 2 Poster Revealed

Cars 2

Walt Disney Pixar has debuted a new poster for their highly anticipated, upcoming film Cars 2.

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