Movie Review – Keanu

keanu 8

After a recent breakup, Rell (Jordan Peele) is down in the dumps, wallowing in his own misery and Cheetos. Aimlessly stumbling through life without any direction, things are seemingly looking up when a stray kitten scratches at his door. The furry ball of cuteness was named Keanu and Rell and kitty lived happily ever after…for a few days until burglars ransacked his home, taking Keanu as well. Determined to find Keanu, Rell and his suburbanite cousin and super George Michael fan, Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) will stop at nothing to find the precious pet.

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MOVIE REVIEW – That’s My Boy

How is it that a movie that centers on a 13 year old boy having sex with his teacher can be made into a comedy?  Yes, there are 13 year old boys that fantasize about having a relationship with that “hot” teacher they had in middle/high school, but in this society it’s called statutory rape.  And the idea of making a movie about such a relationship, and one that results in the birth of a child into an Adam Sandler comedy movie should make you cringe.  But what should make you cringe even more is that it can actually be funny in some aspects.

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